Directors and Officers Coverage

With today’s emphasis on transparency and accountability, an organization’s directors and officers face a countless number of exposures. Regardless of your company’s size or mission, the legal costs associated with a lawsuit can be crippling for both the organization and your directors and officers. Read more about Directors and Officers coverage. Click on the images below to download or print these resources.

Directors and Officers for Private Companies overview sheet:

image of directors and officers for private companies click image to load and read pdf

Directors and Officers Liability Scorecard:

image of Directors and Officers Liability Scorecard PDF click image to load and read PDF

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Office Safety

This week is National Office Safety Week. Do you ever see a utility worker on top of a telephone pole and think that you could never work in such hazardous conditions? While that job is more dangerous than an office job, statistics show they may actually be safer than you are in the office! Learn more about being aware of office safety issues. Click the image to download our safety sheet.

Supporting Food Services for Needy Children

Evergreen Insurance and Tuscarora Wayne Mutual Group Foundation are pleased to support the Cambria County Backpack Project. The project provides food to children at risk of going hungry on weekends when they have no access to school-based meals.

The donation which includes funds from Tuscarora Wayne, Evergreen Insurance, and Evergreen staff will fund backpacks throughout the 2021 – 2022 school year.

Pictured below are Evergreen’s Patti Brown (L) and Caitlyn Altimus (R) presenting the donation to Project Director Kristin Villarrial.

If you’d like to join Evergreen in supporting the project, click here.

Winter Safety – Driving and Skids

Losing control of a car is undoubtedly one of the most frightening experiences behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it is a potential side effect when the temperatures turn frigid and the roads get slick with ice or snow. 

One of the most dangerous winter driving hazards is skidding, which, at high speeds, could result in a nasty crash. To prevent an unnecessary skid, slip or accident, click the image to read or download accident prevention techniques.

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image of driver safety pdf click the image to read or download  the PDF
Click the image to read or download the article in PDF.

Hunting Safety Tips

Did You Know?

Every year, hunters are injured and killed as a result of preventable accidents. Your local Department of Natural Resources can provide you with information about state licensing regulations and the requirements for hunter’s safety education. During education courses, you will learn how accidents occur and are prevented, and how to operate a firearm safely.

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image of Hunting Safety Tips in PDF click the image to read or download the article in PDF
Click the image to read or download the article in PDF.

Homeowners Insurance and the Rising Cost of Materials

Household construction costs have surged over the past year. This rise in construction costs is directly tied to soaring building material expenses. These costs can affect the value, and therefore, the need for insurance coverage.

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image of pdf homeowners insurance and the rising cost of building materials click image to read or download full article in pdf