About Us

The Reschini Group purchased Evergreen Insurance from S&T Bank in December, 2017. Evergreen Insurance began independent operation on January 1, 2018 with no change to its locations. or operations. S&T and Reschini have a long history of doing business together and S&T Bank will serve as an ongoing referral source for Evergreen.

Evergreen Insurance was formed in 1980, combining the management skills and claims experience of the founding principals.

Initially, the agency was developed to offer insurance coverage and risk management services for the mining, oil and gas industries, and today remains an insurance specialist for energy-related businesses.

Evergreen became a division of S&T Insurance Group, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of S&T Bank in 2002. In an effort to better align with the overall strategic initiative of S&T Bank, our name was changed to S&T-Evergreen Insurance in June 2011.

In addition to our expertise in the energy industry, Evergreen Insurance is a full-service independent agency offering comprehensive insurance solutions for both business and individual clients. Our approach is supported by a staff of more than 30 insurance professionals holding various designations in their particular areas of expertise, as well as access to more than 50 of the top national and regional insurance carriers in the industry.

Evergreen Insurance focuses on a philosophy of consistent financial performance, which is achieved by identifying and satisfying customer needs with quality services and products that exceed their expectations. Contact us for more information.